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1001 Tambli ( Blended coconut sour curry)

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1001 Tambli ( Konkani blended coconut sour curry)

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This cookbook lists 1000 Tambli recipes from 000 to 999. The three digits denote the base, flavouring & additives.

Master Recipe:: To a blender/ mixie, add half a handful of chopped coconut, a small chopped green chili(or a dry red chili) and three pinches of salt. Blend to a smooth paste, adding a spoon or two of water. Add a base from column 1, an additive from column 3 and blend again. Mix in a cup of yogurt. Mix with flavouring from column 2 and serve. (Instead of yogurt you can also use buttermilk or half a spoon of tamarind paste/ kokum syrup dissolved in a cup of water).




0.: None

0.: Mustard Heat half a spoon of oil. Add a pinch of mustard.

0.: Veggies Take ½ handful of chopped veggies like carrot/ cucumber.

1.: Dhania Take three pinches of coriander seeds.

1.: Cumin Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch of cumin

1.: Spinach Take half a handful of chopped spinach (raw or stir fried).

2.: Ginger Take a small bit of ginger

2.: Curry leaves Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch of mustard and a few curry leaves.

2.: Onion Take half a handful of chopped onions / shallots/ spring onions. Need not be blended. Mix & serve.

3.: Garlic Take a chopped garlic clove.

3.: Cilantro Take three pinches of chopped cilantro.

3.: Flowers Take a handful of tender banana flowers./ Ixora Grandiflora.

4.: Cumin Take two pinches of cumin.

4.: Asafetida Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch of mustard and a pinch of asafetida. .

4.: Other Leaves Take half a handful of chopped, tender leaves of cashew, mango, lemon, pomegranate, cauliflower etc.,

5.: Fenugreek Take a pinch of fenugreek powder.

5.: Lentils Heat a spoon of oil. Add two pinches of mustard and urad dal. Stir for a few seconds.

5.: Pickles Take half a handful of chopped mango / gooseberry pickled in brine.

6.: Sesame Take three pinches of sesame seeds.

6.: Fenugreek Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch each of mustard and fenugreek.

6.:. Herbs Take half a handful of chopped mint / cilantro.

7.: Poppy Seeds Take three pinches of poppy seeds.

7.: Red Chili Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch each of mustard, a few curry leaves and a torn red chili. Stir for a few seconds.

7.: Seeds Take half a handful of snake gourd one peeled, chopped and boiled jack fruit seed or cucumber seeds..

8.: Pepper , Take two pinches of pepper powder.

8.: Turmeric Heat a spoon of oil. Add a pinch each of mustard, a few curry leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder. Remove from fire.

8.: Others Take two small bits of sun dried pomegranate skin/ gooseberry. Soak in water for an hour. Drain. Or stir fry half a handful of ridge gourd peel.

9.: Fusion Use your fav base or any combo of the above.

9.: Fusion Use your favourite base or use any combo of the above.

9.: Fusion Use your fav additive or use any combination of the above.

Sample Recipes :: Soppina Tambli 001 :: Jeerage Carrot Tambli 400 :: Mente Kande Tambli 520 :: Kodi ere Tambli 014

e Tambli is a much loved, uncooked, blended sour curry revered in Karnataka / Konkani / Udupi cuisine.

Tambali antha ootavilla
kambali antha hodikeyilla”

A play on the words Tambli (the curry) and Kambli (a blanket), this Kannada saying avers that there is no meal like the one with Tambli and no better way to keep warm than the Kambli. Tambli can be looked at as a combination of two classic families – the raita and the coconut chutney. Almost anything blended in with coconut tastes good and almost anything mixed with yogurt tastes good. So it is no wonder that almost anything blended into a Tambli turns out to be delicious. The list of possible Tamblis are endless, and therein lies the genius of Indian cuisine!

A Tambli is always uncooked, served cold, sour, and has coconut. Apart from these basic guidelines, it is so versatile that almost anything can be blended in. Depending on what base ( column 1) is blended in, the name of the Tambli changes as in Jeerage Tambli (Cumin), Mente Tambli (Fenugreek), Kottambari Tambli (Dhania), Shunti Tambli (Ginger), Yellu Tambli (Sesame seeds), Shunti Tambli ( ginger) and so on.

A variety of flavouring is mixed in the Tambli just before serving as listed in column 2, though a Tambli tastes just great without any additional flavouring.

Almost anything edible can be blended into the Tambli as listed in column 3 to create a never ending variety of Tamblis. These change name of Tambli as in Bondi Tambli (Grilled Banana flower), Daasavala Poo Tambli (with chopped Hibiscus flower), Kotte Tambli (with mashed Jackfruit seeds), Soppina Tambli (spinach), Kodi ere Tambli (Tender leaves of mango, cashew, lemon/ pomegranate), Kukku Tambli (with pickled mangoes), Saute Bith Tambli (Cucumber seeds), Nelli Tambli (fresh/ sun dried Gooseberry), Nellindi Tambli (Pickled gooseberry), Koodi Tambli (Tender Guava leaves) etc.,. When onion/ hibiscus flowers are added to the tambli, they are not blended to a paste, but are just chopped up and mixed in. Alle Kande Tambli (Ginger- onion) and Kande Tambli (Onion) are popular, but Tamblis cooked in the temple town of Udupi, do not use onion. Finally, we have new families of Tamblis made from other souring agents, (kokum syrup/ tamarind) like the .Kokum Tambli. All Tamblis are served cold and eaten mixed with cooked rice, at the very beginning of a meal.


Sia said...

thank you for including my kokum tambli in ur list. it is very common to have it in almost daily meals especially in summers. and most importantly, most of the tambli doesn't require any cooking process. have u seen 2 more tamblis i had posted in my blog. one is brahmi tambli and the other is made using dried pomegranate peel tambli.

Vishku said...

There is another Tambli Garike Tambli which is very good for health

and I have it in my blog
here is the link

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