Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bottled Tadka : Infused Oil !

OPOS - The 'Lazy' Technique ?
Quite a few people equate effortless with lazy. And feel good only when they have slogged.
OPOS is all about minimising manual labour, without ANY compromise in flavour or nutrition. Infact, the flavour / nutrition of most OPOS recipes are better than their traditional counterparts.
Let's take the bottled tadka encouraged in OPOS. Many people see it as a boon. And many see it as a lazy technique.
Fresh tadka takes a few seconds. Why on earth would you want to use bottled tadka ?
Two reasons -
One, it is a matter of personal choice.
And two, bottled tadka is more flavourful.
Indian cuisine discovered that when spices are fried in oil, the oil gets infused with their flavours. What it ignored is the fact that the longer the spices are steeped in oil, the more flavourful the oil becomes. India had a dread of stored food and so missed out on infused oils, common in other cuisines. This fear of stored food has prevented it from adopting bottled tadka all along.
A bottled tadka is much more rounded and flavourful than fresh tadka. A fresh tadka flavours the room, but for flavouring food, bottled tadka wins hands down.
You might be missing out on the sizzle when fresh tadka hits food, and the burst of flavour that fills the room when fresh tadka is made, but from a flavour point of view, bottled is better than fresh. In fresh tadka, the spices just do not have enough time to release all their flavour into oil in a few seconds.
Just because something is easy and convenient, it need not always be lazy ! Bottled tadka is nothing but infused oil, a technique other cuisines have been practicing for ages ! Those cuisines missed out on the frying part and we missed out on the steeping part. With bottled tadka, we can have the best of both worlds !

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

OPOS : What's the big deal ?
OPOS Empowers
The technique is designed to empower you. It is you who is the star. The variations you come up with are your own, suited to your taste. I spend a lot of time digging up the history and the building blocks so that you can safely tweak it, without compromising the spirit of the recipe.
OPOS Demystifies
There is no mystique here - no talk about kaimanam / tender loving care. If it works for me, it has to work for you - even if you have never heard of a dish / have never cooked it .
OPOS is transparent.
Chithra Viswanathan was mentioning in her interview how some chefs leave out a crucial step, just to ensure they stay on top. OPOS recipes are just a list of ingredients. There is no way to hide stuff in OPOS.
OPOS sets you free !
You are not chained to the stove anymore. Once you start OPOSing, you will start reveling in this new found freedom !
OPOS is consistent.
No worries about how the dish will turn out - ever ! If it works once, it will always work, for anyone, anywhere, anytime - exactly the same way.
It is heartening to see more people getting hooked on to OPOS. If you find it helpful, remember you are honour bound to teach atleast one more ! It is not everyday you get to change the way people cook !

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One Pot One Shot Validated Recipes

1 Paneer Makhni
2 Navrathan Korma
3 Dal Shorba
4 Instant Pulao
5 Soaked Pulao
6 Dum Tea
7 Bagara Baingan
8 Aviyal
9 Tambli
10 Gazpacho
11 Podi
12 Pasta
13 Masiyal
14 Trifle
15 Sambar
16 Paneer Butter Masala
17 Thogayal
18 Panzanella
19 Koli Kulambu
20 Kootanchoru
21 Chakka Varatti
22 Full meal soup
23 Poriyal
24 Kulambu
25 Kootu
26 Kheer
27 Baingan bhartha
28 Kaara Kulambu
29 Vella Poondu ooruga
30 Kadhi
31 Cream of spinach soup
32 Mayo
33 Rasam
34 Olan
35 Gutti Vankaya Kura
36 Shrikhand
37 Paruppu Usili
38 Coconut chutney
39 More Kali
40 Manga Thokku
41 Man satti Thayir sadham
42 Avakkaya
43 Papad Pickle Pulao
44 Muesli
45 DDL
46 Green Chutney
47 Mishti Doi
48 Dangar Pachadi
49 Kesari
50 Badam Halwa
51 Pongal
52 Uppukari
53 Kosambari
54 Marcha Rawt
55 Egg Chutney
56 Thupka
57 Mag Ni Dal
58 Pakhala Bhat
59 Vangi Bhat
60 Nei Choru
61 Bharwan Bhindi
62 Bharwan Mirchi
63 Chaas
64 Chukku Vellam
65 Dadpe Pohe
66 Kanda Pohe
67 Manga Pachadi
68 Chakka Pradhaman
69 Vazhakka Podimas
70 Thakkali Thokku
71 Milagu Rasam
72 Urulai Roast
73 Upma / Kichidi
74 Kizhangu
75 Koozhu
76 Sambar Sadham
77 More Kulambu
78 Pappu
79 Jhaal Mudi
80 Channa Masala
81 Molagootal
82 Raitha
83 Bhel
84 Ishtu
85 Lunu Miris
86 Kiribhat
87 Chammanthi
88 Pachi Pulusu
89 Saag
90 Pol Sambol
91 Chili Chutney
92 Peanut Butter
93 Podi Kari
94 Sukhi Sabji
95 Rasedar Sabji
96 Stock
97 Rice
98 Dum Biriyani
99 Dalitoy
100 Chakkara Pongal
101 Saagu
102 Foogath
103 Arachu Kalakki
104 Ambol
105 Charchari
106 Pav Bhaji
107 Murabba
108 Chitranna
109 Sundal
110 Saalan
111 Masaal
112 Posto
113 Kachumber
114 Lassi
115 Sambharo
116 Phirni
117 Zunka
118 Usal
119 Sattu
120 Maa Laadu
121 Vatha Kozhambu
122 Gothsu
123 Misal
124 Airawat
125 Amti
126 Aval Nanachadhu
127 Minestrone
128 Bisi Bele Bath
129 Erissery
130 Kurukku Kaalan
131 Pazham Pulissery
132 Kasundi
133 Chundo
134 Hasi Gojju
135 Pandu Mirppakkaya Pachadi
136 Randayi
137 Aam Panna
138 Shorshe
139 Bhaate
140 Rasayana
141 Panjamirdham
142 Pazham Pachadi
143 Dry Fruit Laddoo
144 Pradhaman
145 Pazham Nurukku
146 Bhapa Doi
147 Chatni
148 Gaajar Ka Halwa
149 Milkshake
150 Rabdi
151 Dal
152 Andhra Mudda Pappu
153 Tamil Kadanja paruppu
154 Kerala Naadan parippu Kari
155 Bengali Choler dal
156 Chettinad Paruppu Masiyal
157 Marathi Vaaran
158 Rajasthani Panchmela Dal
159 Masala Curry base
160 Kuruma curry base
161 Dopiaza curry base
162 Makhni curry base
163 Aloo Muttar
164 Tamil Pulikaichal
165 Molaga Thokku
166 Pepper Chicken
167 Gongura Chicken
168 Tamil Sodhi
169 Tiffin Sambar
170 Tamil Thalagam
171 Chettinad Kaara Chutney
172 Inji Poondu Thokku
173 Goan Vindaloo
174 Tamil Salna
175 Meen Kulambu
176 Chettinad Vengaya Kosu
177 Kerala Thenga aracha meen kari
178 Kerala Meen Mulakittadhu
179 Baba Ghanoush
180 White curry base
181 Tanjore Kadappa
182 Marathi Vangi batata bhaji
183 Sprouts
184 Hummus
185 Kerala Sambharam
186 Aloo Channa
187 Kerala Puzhukku
188 Vada Kari
189 Kerala Ulli Theeyal
190 Ginger Garlic Paste
191 Vengaya Thokku
192 Pavakka Thokku
193 Kariveppilai Thokku
194 Cooking Saamai
195 Cooking Thinai
196 Moilee Curry base
197 Tomato Soup
198 Chicken Soup
199 Carrot Soup
200 Mushroom Soup

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