Friday, August 21, 2009

Popsicle Varieties

Popsicle : The fool proof frozen dessert

Pour a liquid in a mould, insert a stick and freeze it – how much more simpler can a recipe get? No wonder these are popular across the world as popsicles in America, Paletas in Latin America, Ice pops in Ireland, Ice lollies in UK, Icy pole in Australia, Freezies in Canada, Kuchi Ice in Tamilnadu and Kulfi in north India.

Almost any liquid can be frozen into a wide variety of popsicles. Each has a special name – the Hispanic paletas are made from frozen fruit puree, Indian kulfi is made from frozen milk, French sorbet is made from frozen juice / puree. Adult popsicles can be made from a variety of spirits / cocktails. Column 2 lists flavouring ideas and column 3 lists additives which would give pops a nice texture. Be creative – even Boiled sago, boiled vermicelli, & coconut are common in south Indian popsicles. I was surprised to find corn in a popsicle !

Making Layered Popsicles :

Add a layer of a base. Let it freeze. Add a different coloured layer. Let freeze. Repeat to have as many layers as needed.


Tips :

1. If the Popsicle has not set hard, you can still serve it in a cup as a slush.

2. Frozen pops keep well in the freezer.

3. Small plastic /  paper cups/ yogurt cups - even ice trays work well as popsicle moulds . Popsicle moulds are readily available and are very easy to use.

4. Immerse the mould in warm water so that the pop can be removed easily.

5. Sugarcane cut into finger length sticks, swizzle sticks, lollipop with candy, toothpicks , sturdy twigs make interesting sticks.

6. If the liquid is not thick enough, the stick will not stay upright. So freeze the liquid for 3 -4 hours and then insert sticks. Or cover the mould with foil and poke the stick through foil.

7. Pops can be made even without a refrigerator. Fill a large container half way with crushed ice, mix in salt (salt dramatically lowers the temperature of ice) and bury the popsicle moulds in ice. They should set within a couple of hours. The Indian Kulfi is traditionally made this way.


Zucchina Trombetta said...

Ghiacciolo in Italy (from ghiaccio=ice).
;) Valeria

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recipes - I've found you because of vikatan.

One word about your bengali curries post - you mention "dhokar", the correct word is "dhoka". Dhokar dalna means dhoka ka dalna (the "r" stands for the hindi "ka", as in iska/uska).

Please keep up the good work!

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