Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 Simple Maharashtra Curries

This cookbook lists 10 Maharashtra curries, greatly simplified, so that a first time cook can easily cook them. For detailed recipes, check out Kamalabai Ogalae’s ‘Ruchira’, published by Rupa. The following curries are listed in this cookbook:

1. : Koshambir (Grated Vegetables in yogurt) unlike the Kannada Kosambari has yogurt mixed in.

2.: Garlic chutney. Unlike many North Indian chutneys, coconut is included here.

3.: Urad dal Chutney (Roasted gram chutney) is another unique sour chutney made from roasted and blended urad dal.

4.: Kadhi (Gram flour yogurt curry) is similar to a North Indian kadhi, but for the addition of sugar, very much like the Gujarati Kadhi.

5.: Peas Usal (Green peas curry) is green peas cooked in a coconut- poppy seed – coriander curry.

6.: Pithale (Gram flour curry) is a unique curry made chiefly from gram flour

7.: Eggplant Bhurta (Mashed eggplant curry) is very much like the North Indian Baingan Bharta.

8.: Peanut Amti (Peanut sour curry) is a uniquely Maharashtrian curry made from peanut butter and tamarind.

9.: Toor Dal Amti (Lentil sour stew) is believed to be the ancestor of the Tamil sambar.

10.: Dal Vange (Eggplant – lentil sour stew) is the much loved eggplant cooked in the Amti.

Check out more Marathi dishes on Nupur’s blog.

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