Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 Simple no-cook Kiwi recipes

Click the image on the left to see the cookbook. This cookbook lists 10 simple no cook Kiwi recipes listed below : 

1.:  Kiwi fruit salad 

2.:  Kiwi Raita

3.:  Kiwi Parfait

4.:  Kiwi Smoothie

5.:  Kiwi Chutney

6.:  Kiwi Pickle  

7.:  Kiwi Lassi

8.:. Kiwi Milkshake   

9.:  Kiwi Salsa 

10.:Kiwi Adult Popsicle

Yang tao ( Chinese : sunny peach) - the kiwifruit, or kiwi, is a berry of a vine native to China.   There are more than 400 different varieties of kiwi fruit in China where they have been used for over 700 years.The kiwis, which have now gained world acceptance are as large as an hen’s egg, with a fuzzy brown skin and green / pale yellow flesh with tiny edible seeds. Kiwi has a sweet/tart flavour, a combination of gooseberry with a hint of strawberry. No wonder it was called the Chinese Gooseberry. Missionaries took the seeds to New Zealand early this century. Newzealand realised its potential, exported it to US and renamed this berry as Kiwi, to appeal better to US consumers.  In just 25 years,  the sales went from almost nothing to over 35 million pounds in US alone. Current world production is around 1 million ton, produced mostly by New Zealand and Italy. California is America’s largest Kiwi producer.  

Kiwi has actinidin,  the protein-dissolving enzyme. If you use kiwi in milk / yogurt  preparations, serve them immediately or the enzyme will start digesting milk proeteins. Even in salads, Kiwi would turn other fruits mushy when stored for long.  This is why kiwifruit could also be used as a natural meat tenderizer. Chopped kiwi can be mixed with meat and in about 15 - 30 minutes it would have tenderised the meat.

Kiwifruit also serves as a natural blood thinner and is believed to reduce the risk of stroke. The skin is edible and so kiwis can be eaten unpeeled. The skin is rich in fiber and peeling results in the loss of many vitamins stored directly beneath the skin. 

100 gms of Kiwis have around 50 calories.  This is the amount you’ll burn up by walking for 15 minutes.

 Buying & storing Kiwis :

1. Ripe Kiwis are firm but should yield when you press them gently.

2. Kiwis can be stored for over two weeks refrigerated

3. Unripe kiwis ripen at room temperature in 3-5 days.Or stored in a paper bag with an apple, they ripen even faster.

4. Choose a fruit that is plump, has no wrinkles or bruises and intact skin. Size does not matter.

5. Kiwi slices freeze and thaw well.

6. Kiwi can also be sun dried into fruit leather.

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DK said...

This is simply wonderful and awesome! I am always at a loss to know what else a person can make with kiwi - excellent effort Ramki :)

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