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Turkish Cuisine - 10 Simple recipes

Click the image on the left to see the cookbook. This cookbook lists 10 simple Turkish recipes listed below : 
1.:   Cacik (Pronounced Jajik) (Yogurt with cucumbers) Closest Indian equivalent ( Cucumber raita) 
2.:   Ezme (Tomato salad)
3.:   Menemen (Scrambled eggs)
4.:   Kuru Uzum Hosafi (Dessert: Raisin compote)
5.:  Sade Pirinc Pilav  (Rice : Plain Pilav)
6.:   Tavuk Yahnisi (Chicken stew) 
7.:.  Barbunya Tava  (Fried fish)
8.:   Fava  (Pureed beans)
9.:   Irmik Helvasi (Dessert: Semolina Halwa)  Closest Indian equivalent ( Hindi : Sooji Halwa / Tamil :Kesari)
10.: Tursu ( Pickle)
History : The longest lasting Muslim empire the world has seen, the Ottoman empire centered in Constantinople (Istanbul) ruled the regions surrounding Mediterranean and black sea ( parts of Africa, Europe & Asia) for almost 600 years.
Turkish Cuisine The Ottoman empire was succeeded by the republic of Turkey and it is no wonder that the Turkish cuisine is a blend of Central Asian, Caucasus, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines.  Turkish cuisine changes as we move across the land.  The regions hugging the Mediterranean sea (Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean) use seafood, olive oil, garlic, vegetables and herbs extensively. Central Turkey (Anatolia) is famous for its stuffed pasta (kashkak, manti and gözleme). Pita bread, hummus & falafel are common here. The south east Anatolian cuisine specializes in kebabs, spicy salsa and dough-based desserts (baklava, kadayıf, künefe). The northern Black Sea region's cuisine uses corn (especially in the bread hamsi)  and fish (but not meat) extensively.
 Breakfast : Bread, cheese, olives, tomatoes, jam/honey, and   eggs washed down with black tea.

Lunch / dinner : Soup, Pilaf (flavoured rice / bulgur/ vermicelli) or bread with a vegetable and a meat dish.
Meats : Lamb, beef, chicken, fish and seafood. Pork is not used.
Vegetables : Eggplants, green beans spinach, cauliflower, onions, garlic, tomatoes, potatoes, red/green lentils.

Flavouring agents
: Parsley, cumin powder, black pepper, paprika, mint, green & red chilies.

Fats : Butter, olive oil or sunflower oil.
Yogurt accompanies most dishes. Yogurt is blended with water and salt to a frothy and much loved drink, Ayran.
Some uniquely Turkish dishes :
Dolma (Veggies stuffed with rice / meat & cookedt) , Sarma ( veggies / meats wrapped in cabbage / grape leaves & cooked), Meze (a selection of bite sized dishes served as appetizer) Borek ( stuffed pastry), Doner Kebap ( meat cooked on a vertical spit) & Kofte (cooked minced meat balls)

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