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Most popular One page cookbooks

The posts listed below are some of the most popular. Stick them in your kitchen and you'll never run out of recipe ideas !

All one page cookbooks work the same way. Choose anything you like from column 1, column 2 and column 3. Cook as per master recipe. That's it! Learn one recipe and you've learnt them all !

The Hindu has nice things to say about One Page cookbooks !

1. Complete Indian cuisine in 4 A3 sized posters.
2. Chaat Varieties
3. Easy Podis ( Tamil, English)
4. Muesli
5. Cooking Solo for 500

6. Kitchen virgin survival manuals
7. Rotis
8. Biryani
9. Sambar
10. Simple Pickles

11.Vadam / Vadagam variations
12. Simple Aviyals
13. Kongunadu recipes
14. Instant Dosa varieties
15. Salad Varieties

16. Hotel room cooking
17. Thogayal
18. Pappu
19. Quickie Dinners
20. Quickie Breakfasts

Download the 1001 South Indian Curries eBook

All one page cookbooks are A4 sized images ( unless mentioned otherwise). If you have trouble printing them out, first click on them to get the full sized image. Now, save them to your computer. Then try using an image editing program like photoshop or try embedding the saved image in a word processing program. It should print okay.

People ask me all the time if cooking 1000 varieties of rasam / sambar is actually possible. The one page cookbook lists 1000 different, numbered recipes from 000 to 999, clearly proving it is possible. But wait, that is not all. In most one pagers, the last entry in each column is titled fusion, which means you can use any mix of the building blocks in that column. So the one pagers do not list just 1000 variations, but 9!*9!*9! ( read nine factorial cubed) variations. This is a ridiculously large number, which looks too silly to post here. So, you will not run out of recipes anytime soon !


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With best regards from Austria! Isabella.

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