Sunday, January 18, 2009

I did it !

One page cookbooks work ! To prove the point, I cooked a 10 course meal for 500 people yesterday evening in under three hours. Right from chopping vegetables to getting food on the table, it took me 2 hours, thirty seven minutes and forty seconds. 

A nice gathering of friends ( I'm surprised that over a hundred of my friends turned up !)  and great fun. A healthy coverage by the media. Will post more pics soon. 


Adheeth said...

Congrats Ramki!!! :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

Congrats! this is awesome. would like to know how u managed to do all this in less than 3 hrs..

Deaths Head Roy said...

Beautiful and awesome!! I have been following your blog for some time now and even my wife and mom follow it religiously!! Great going!!!


Mythreyee said...

Congratulations Ramki. You did it. Hats off! It is not an easy task and you have done a great job. Kudos.

Ajaykarthik said...

great achivement sir - Ajay.

Varsha Vipins said...

Congrats!!!..waiting for the rest of d pics..:)

jayasree said...

Congrats !!!! Hats off to you. Its not an easy task. Indeed a great achievement.

Raaga said...

I wish I could have attended. That is such an amazing feat!

Parthi said...

not just 3 cheers for ramki but 1001 cheers for ramki...
it was nice meeting lot of wonderful people...

Vasishta Dasika said...

yup it was a fantastic event!

Pandiarajan Subburam said...

Ramki you are fabulous...Cheers

Mukesh Maurya said...

Great Ramki ... so you pulled it off. I sure do hope to read your blog post on this :)

Vijay Mohan said...

Hey Ramki!!!,

Touchdown in Bangalore and all wheels safe, Thanks again for the wonderful time that you and your sponsors gave. AWESOME DUDE!!! Hope you got your name in the newspapers there. Do let us know.

The owner of the place is so thrilled about the concept that he wants to do it again. Hahaha!

Had a good after party, some of us went on until 3.30AM. Dancing "Tapanguchi", stories, drumming, etc.

The names of people that I managed to record are:

1. Ajit Nathaniel, BangCS
2. Annick, FranceCS
3. Aravind, MadCS
4. Archana Ramaswamy, MadCS
5. Bharathvj, MadCS
6. Chinmai, BangCS
7. Darshan, BangCS
8. Divya, BangCS
9. Doel, BangCS
10. Dr. Anbudorni, MadCS
11. Dr. Ashish Chopra, Delhi/GurgaonCS
12. Flandrin, FranceCS
13. Gabriel, BarcelonaCS
14. Giovana, ColombiaCS
15. Harish, BangCS
16. Isha, Bang Non-CS
17. Jake Roberts, AustraliaCS
18. Karan83K, MadCS
19. Katrina, MadCS
20. Lakshmi, MadHC
21. Liliana Bortolin, ArgentinaCS
22. Maria Sirotkina, RussiaCS
23. Maski, MontrealCS
24. N Vijay Kumar, MadCS
25. Nandini, BangCS
26. Nessa, CanadaCS
27. Pankhuri, Bang Non-CS
28. Pavithra, BangCS
29. Praveen Paul, BangCS
30. Punita, BangCS
31. Raghu, MadCS
32. Rahul, MadCS
33. Rajan, MadCS
34. Ramki, MadCS
35. Ranga, MadCS
36. Ranjan, MadCS
37. Roshan, MadCS
38. Sankar, MadCS
39. Selva Karthik, MadCS
40. Shylaja, Bang Non-CS
41. Simone, GermanyCS
42. Trave, ItalyCS
43. Vidya, BangCS
44. Vijay, BangCS

Vidya Rajaram said...

Ramki , CONGRATULATIONS!!! That was a splendid event indeed !!

Ewen Flandrin said...

Thank u very much ramki for this great meeting an this huge challenge!
Hope to meet u again and more than 3 mn next time. :)

warm regards
Ewen Flandrin from Nantes, France

Ranganathan Venkatasubramanian said...

Hi Ramki.. It was an impressive feat to achieve... Hats off to you..

Ranganathan Venkatasubramanian from Chennai

Rahul Thomas said...


Could only get there towards the fag end of the evening but I'm glad I did.

Thanks a ton Ramki!!


Rahul Thomas from Chennai

Pavithra Ram said...

I am so glad I made it for this mega cookout Ramki. It made up for the million cookouts I missed in the past 8 months :) And apart from meeting a whole bunch of new people, it was great catching up with the old ones -Rosh, Mosha, Rajan, Ashok, Vidya (of course I remember:). Now for an outing in the caravan… what say :)

And the one page cookbooks are going to be super useful Ramki...will let you know how my cooking comes along...

Pavithra Ram from Bangalore,

Raghu Surikuchi said...

hey guys,
this is just an appreciation post for ramki. it brought together a lot of CS members and i am really stoked i could be there and meet all the beautiful people and eat the most fabulous food.
Raghu, Chennai.

Passionate About Baking said...

Congrats & good for you! My record is cooking for 20 & that was tiring enough!!

Doel Sengupta said...

Hey Ramki!

Thanks a lottttttttt for the invitation and the wonderful experience.....its was really gr88 watching you cook for so many people...

Doel Sengupta from Bangalore

Punita Datta said...

Hey Ramki, Thanx a ton for inviting us to this record breaking event. Needless to say, we had a blast (our pics with all 32 out would prove that). We were awestruck watching you cook step-by-step with such precise planning and at a lightening speed with a smile and ease. U R AMAZING !
Waiting for the magazine to send the article (on couchsurfing) for proof reading/approval and ofcourse for the pics of Mad & Bang CS together in the magazine.
Punita Datta from Bangalore

sunshinemom said...

I cook about twice or thrice a year for about 2o to 25 people when I have whole of P's people over and I think my last max was about 30. I know how exhilarating this must have been for you, Ramki! God bless and good you showed them all - way to go! Congrats!

LCG said...

Yo Ramki,

Its been a memorable experience...
Thanx for the invite. I'd real good time there...

L CG from Bangalore

Ramki said...

Hiya all,

Have moved all your comments from various posts to this post. Would be easier for me to go through and recharge myself when I'm feeling low :)

/Love you all

Sahaja said...

that was massive, and awesome!!! U rock!

Priya said...

U Rock Ramki and COngratulations for making this happens..

bee said...

well done.

Anwin said...


Vasishta Dasika said...

hey Ramki and others..
I am very glad that I was there today and saw Ramki in action.. it was a huge success and the food was very very nice..

nice meeting a lot of u there for the first time..

Vasishta Dasika, Chennai

Seena said...

Well done, Ramki! pls post the pictures if you have.. :)

alok said...

My first time visit here and ...
wwooWW amazing stuff Ramki, a BIG Congratulation to you for the achievements :)

Wish you many more ...

Siri said...

Congratulations on your victory Ramki..:)


Keerthana said...

Hi Ramki,
Congragulations! that's a great achievement...really appreciate ur determination!

Pradeep Raghunathan said...

Ramki, truly awesome feat. These days when people fret about cooking for 2 people, you managed to cook for 500 people with a big smile to boot. What else can I say, amazing dude, amazing.

I had one of the best evenings in a long time and look forward to making it to your clubhouse soon.

I cant wait to see the pictures soon.

Cham said...

Great achievement, keep it up ur spirit!

Nags said...

hats off!!

Miri said...

Congratulations !! A very impressive feat indeed and great that you could make your point that simple cooking is for everyone and can still be delicious!

Kitchen Flavours said...


Kitchen Flavours said...


Mallugirl said...

Great work, Ramki!! Looking forward to more from you.

Meera said...

Congratulations, Ramki!! That's a wonderful achievement. My best wishes to you and your very creative blog.

Ina said...

Hello Ramki,
just want to congratulate you on your success in
cooking alone for 500 - while the preparations were
going on, i asked a fellow german CSer and
professional cook: "can this be done?" - and he said:
"in 3 hrs? no chance!" but i said: "i think he can do
it." - you made me very happy... i am so thrilled you
pulled this off.
(just a bit sad i missed all the wonderful food...)
Ina , Germany

Mukesh said...

Ramki... From my research, I dont think such a record exists in any of the record books. I guess you should register for Guinness and other similar books. Start with the highest one ... try Guinness 1st if not then go for Ripley's Now since you have news reports I think this can be certified as a record. Or we can do another even for setting the record. :)


Pallavi said...

Good for you Ramki.

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